Water Softners

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Personal Care

  • With soft water, soaps and shampoos lather more and you feel completely fresh.
  • Leaves you skin “baby-tender and glowing pink”.
  • No more dry skin.
  • Reduces hair loss and problem of dry and craggy hair.
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Care for your bathroom accessories

  • No scale build-ups, residual deposits and colgging
  • Keeps the beauty and sheen of expensive bathroom gizmos as it is for years and beyond.
  • Increases life and efficiency of your water heaters, washing machines, showers and other appliances and reduces their maintenance cost.
  • Make it easy to wash floors, tiles and walls

Fabric care

  • Increases the cleaning power of detergents, thus reduces soap requirements by about 70%
  • Stops white clothes from turning yellow, colored clothes from fading and keeps your clothes looking like brand new.
  • Increases fabric life by 15%

Culinary care

  • Cooking is faster in soft water, so consumption of cooking gas is less.
  • Food and beverages taste much better.
  • Removes scale deposits on utensils and retains the shine for long.


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