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The demand for Water Softeners is increasing day by day. The use of Water Softener is to remove the metal ions from the hard water and convert it into soft water.
Sarvo Technologies Limited is committed to producing such high-quality water softener which can convert hard water into soft water. It helps in reducing the hair fall and make skin smoother.

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Care for your bathroom accessories

  • No scale build-ups, residual deposits and colgging
  • Keeps the beauty and sheen of expensive bathroom gizmos as it is for years and beyond.
  • Increases life and efficiency of your water heaters, washing machines, showers and other appliances and reduces their maintenance cost.
  • Make it easy to wash floors, tiles and walls

Fabric care

  • Increases the cleaning power of detergents, thus reduces soap requirements by about 70%
  • Stops white clothes from turning yellow, colored clothes from fading and keeps your clothes looking like brand new.
  • Increases fabric life by 15%

Culinary care

  • Cooking is faster in soft water, so consumption of cooking gas is less.
  • Food and beverages taste much better.
  • Removes scale deposits on utensils and retains the shine for long.

Personal Care

  • With soft water, soaps and shampoos lather more and you feel completely fresh.
  • Leaves you skin “baby-tender and glowing pink”.
  • No more dry skin.
  • Reduces hair loss and problem of dry and craggy hair.

Softeners Models

Resin qty.80 lit.100 lit.150 lit.200 lit.250 lit.300 lit.
Output of
soft water @
250 ppm
16000 lit.22000 lit.32000 lit.44000 lit.54000 lit.70000 lit.
Min. working
1.5 kg/cm21.5 kg/cm21.5 kg/cm21.5 kg/cm21.5 kg/cm21.5 kg/cm2
Max. working
3.5 kg/cm23.5 kg/cm23.5 kg/cm23.5 kg/cm23.5 kg/cm23.5 kg/cm2
Size & Type
of valve
Multi port
Multi port
Multi port
Multi port
Multi port
Multi port
Qty. of Nacl
Salt req./
11 kg15 kg23 kg30 kg38 kg45 kg
Max. Flow3.0 m3/hr4.0 m3/hr6.0 m3/hr8.0 m3/hr10.0 m3/hr12.0 m3/hr

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